Alina Hayat beat YouTube Algorithm or Got Lucky?

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Most of you if don't know her, Alina Hayat is a New Zealander-Pakistani Vlogger. She came into highlights after a series of her videos or vlogs received a lot of views despite a low number of subscribers. Her YouTube channel grew much faster than most of the other experienced Pakistani vloggers. Her channel growth rate was 40% faster than her competitors. She gained 30 thousand new subscribers in less than a month. So, what is her secret behind all her fast growth on YouTube? Did she beat YouTube algorithm or just got lucky?

Let’s see.

Here is how she beat YouTube Algorithm

She didn’t beat YouTube Algorithm neither she got lucky. She did what most of the famous vloggers all over of the world do. She applied the success formula. Most people say that YouTube is also a game of luck. If your one video matches YouTube’s secret and complicated algorithm, you are set for life. But we are here to know that how did Alina Hayat do it?

1. communication skills

communication skills

“Effective communication is 20% what you know
and 80% how you feel about what you know”

Jim Rohn

Yes, you heard it right a good communication skill helps a lot with your online audience. Communication skills are the mastery you apply when give or get different sorts of information while delivering or discussing with one person or a group of people. For instance, communicating new ideas, sometimes feelings and empathizing. It also shows how to talk face to face, phone conversation or even digital communications like social media such as YouTube, Instagram and podcasts. She did exactly what she wanted to. With her good gifted communication skills, she gained people’s trust and when people trust you, they like your videos, subscribe your channel and sometimes even share thus these acts catch YouTube’s Algorithm attention and she beat YouTube Algorithm.

2. Reverse Human Psychology


Reverse psychology is a practice implying the assertion of a belief or behavior opposite to what he or she believes. Alina Hayat knows how to speak, when to speak and why to speak? In most of her videos, she always talks about human behavior, its implications, pros and cons of living in a society where the standard of living is so low compare to her life in New Zealand but right after she explains why it is Ok to be here, live with the new people and face challenges.

3. Gohra Complexity

Most of you may disagree but deep down you all this is true. South East Asians or South Asians do have Gohra (Foreign) Complexity. People from these regions want to know how do they spend their daily life. What they eat? What they wear? What or how they think about their country? As far Alina Hayat is concerned, she is smart. She can speak English. She lived most of her life outside. In most of her videos she has compared Pakistan with New Zealand even though it does not make any sense and she has mentioned so many things like how her school was in New Zealand and how her school now is.

4. Good sense of humor

“Sense of humor is more about the ability
to take a joke than the ability to make it.”

Nitya Prakash

She is smart and has a great sense of humor. You can see her sense of humor in her video editing style. She is not afraid to make fun of herself or others (positive way) and also she jokes around.


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